Overall Design

The OPUS DX platform is really a combination of three platforms, OPUS 365, OPUS Live, and OPUS Mobile, all rolled into one.

OPUS 365 is the year round portal that includes permission based access, e-commerce options, content on-demand, event registration, evaluations, CE Management, the hosting of courses, and much, much more.

OPUS Live is the platform that users experience while attending a live event. OPUS Live provides the user with an engaging experience including features such as chat, polling, question submission, note taking, attention checkers and more.

OPUS Mobile is the ultimate year round association app. While everyone else’s app ends when your event ends, OPUS Mobile keeps your users engaged all year from event to event.

Each of these platforms have a front end digital experience as well as a back end administrative management panel. Combining these platforms together allows an organization to leverage their educational content to maximize their return on investment.